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The Weimer Works Trophy Club Pool Maintenance Story:

Our story has humble roots and begins here in the heart of Texas. My name is Russell Weimer, born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. I started this business with my wife, Suzanne Weimer, and together we happily continue to grow our family which currently includes two daughters, Sophia and Pandora, our youngest, is our son, Lyman, plus two dogs, a pug named Mops and a Rhodesian ridgeback named Horus, and several fish in our freshwater aquarium. Together, both myself and my wife complement each other as both business partners and marriage partners because we hold each other accountable, set SMART goals, and value each other’s qualities and strengths that we mutually bring to our relationship.

When we met five years ago, I had no idea the tremendous growth we would have together, but thanks to the grace of God, we have both made such tremendous progress in our faith as well as our personal and professional relationships. We could not have done any of this without our continued faith in God and having each other to encourage that faith in His greater plan for us all. God gifted me with a natural mechanical inclination, so wanting to take apart and reassemble everything I got my hand on seemed to fall effortlessly into His plans. In my teens and early 20s, I loved working on and building cars especially Hondas. To this day, I still own several today and enjoy building and working on them in my spare time. In my mid to late 20s I worked in the restaurant industry, serving, bartending and opening restaurants at high-end, fine-dining establishments throughout the Fort Worth area. Serving and bartending at these high-end establishments helped me to manage excellence in service and to give the customer the best experience possible. Paying attention to the details taught me to separate and elevate standards of service above the rest.

After eight years in the restaurant industry, I moved into the manufacturing industry. While working in the manufacturing industry, I worked as an inventory specialist handling and overseeing the production of custom-made parts, such as wiring harnesses for hot rods and off-road vehicles, such as jeeps and muscle cars. During my tenure working as an inventory specialist, it was impressed on me the importance of workflow, implementing and utilizing checklists for efficient quality control of production. In the spring of 2015, I got into the Trophy Club pool maintenance and spa industry, and as they, the rest is history. In the past seven years, I have obtained extensive knowledge and skills from this industry that have molded and created me into the Trophy Club pool maintenance pool, spa and water structure specialist I am today. From plumbing, electrical, and chemistry, I am well versed in the fluid dynamics involved in any pool, spa or water structure so I can always ensure proper, efficient, and clean flow.

Plumbing your equipment professionally with top quality materials and craftsmanship ensures that you will have the most effective and efficient flow for the equipment to work properly. Ensuring to install equipment to industry, standard and code in a professional manner for longevity and functionality is our top priority. Maintaining proper water chemistry balance for clean, safe water not only gives you peace of mind for your own personal use, but also for prolonging the life and functionality of your Trophy Club pool pool, spa, or water structure. I have taken what I have learned through the different industries and applied them to achieve my ultimate dream of owning my own business. The attention to detail, workflow checklist, quality control, and the drive to rise and elevate above is what I thrive on and motivates me to continue building and growing every day. I utilize this mindset in my steps of service, which has helped me to create the four pillars upon which my business stands; these are: diligent work ethic, reliability, experiential knowledge, and friendly service.

These are all qualities that I believe puts Weimer Works Trophy Club Pool Maintenance Service and Repair leagues above other Trophy Club pool maintenance service and repair companies. We firmly believe that if any job is worth doing, it’s worth doing to the best of our ability since we know you desire and deserve that top-quality service. Some of the benefits of working with our company are, the convenience of not only a locally based company, but also fast responses when you need us most. This means that you have greater access to contact a pool professional to answer your questions and concerns about your pool, spa or water structure efficiently and easily to resolve your problems in a timely manner. We strive to resolve your problems as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality and materials since we want to leave you assured that we have your pool, spa and water structure predicaments as a priority always.

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We want you to always stay worry-free when you use Weimer Works Trophy Club Pool Maintenance Service and Repair because we always keep you as our customer and your pool, spa or water structure a top priority no matter the time of year or condition of your pool, spa or water structure. This means that we will handle all your chemical needs because this can not only become a headache for you, but could also cause your pool, spa or water structure chemistry to become critically out of balance, so rest assured, we take that concern off your mind with professional quality and care. We want you to be care-free and always feel like you are having fun in the sun with your backyard pool, spa or water structure because this is what we believe you intended when you decided to have a pool, spa or water structure. Who doesn’t love a glistening and clean pool, spa or water structure? This is what I’m bringing to Weimer Works Trophy Club Pool Maintenance Service and Repair to give it the level of professionalism that I not only admire, but also want to encourage in others. I want you to love your pool, spa or water structure as much as I do.

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